At Conservation|Letterfrack, we have been involved as a nominated domestic subcontractor on a number of public and private projects of national importance including the Sligo Courthouse and the Cork Courthouse. For both projects we completed extensive architectural joinery work and also completed very detailed work on the original furniture and the historical interiors of both buildings.

Cork City and County Courthouse

The first phase of the restoration work on the Cork City and County Courthouse involved the complete refurbishment of the roof and the external stonework on the building. The second phase was the refurbishment of the interior. It commenced in 2003 and finished in January 2005, under the guidance of the Cork City Council Architectural Department.

The present Cork Courthouse was built in 1895 and stands on the site of the original 1836 building which was designed by George Richard Pain and his brother James and was destroyed by fire in 1891. The portico and facade on Washington Street is all that remained intact after the fire.

Conservation|Letterfrack completed the following work on the Cork Courthouse:

The restoration of over 200 selected pieces of furniture, commissioned for the courthouse in 1895. This work included revealing original finish, repairing all brass hardware, relaying leather skivers on desktops and reupholstering over 80 chairs in the traditional manner with specially-commissioned leather, buttons and banding to reinstate the original colour scheme.

Restoration and modification of four of the seven courtrooms including the repair of all woodwork, alterations for general services, additions, upgrade of varnish and the replacement of the original squab cushions.

Reinstating the Baldachino in the two main courtrooms above the judges bench with rewoven silk damask commissioned to replicate the last original fabric and trimmings.

Restoration of the main entrance door including some alterations and treatment of all original ironmongery on doors.

Repairs to all fixed furniture in the Circuit Court and District Court which included repairs to joinery, additions of new benches and the provision of space for a new PA installation, video conferencing, lighting, central heating and data and power cabling on the benches, while minimising the intervention to the existing woodwork.

Alterations and additions for accessibility to allow for wheelchair access as required by modern building regulations without interfering with the integrity of the original courtroom.

Improvement of the original varnish layers by upgrading and touching-in areas of loss and new work on over 3000 square metres.

Completion of the re-upholstery of all fixed seating within two courts using specially commissioned goat leather.

Provision of custom-made squab cushions, more than 150 meters in total, to match the original finished material with float buttoning.
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Two Courtrooms in Sligo Courthouse

Sligo Courthouse was a large multifaceted architectural restoration project centering on the restoration of the two main courtrooms. It included altering and adjusting the original courtrooms as required by modern building regulations without interfering with the integrity of the original courtrooms. This challenging work involved extensive remodelling of existing woodwork to match the original historic courtroom. Conservation|Letterfrack won the first prize in the Restoration category of The Irish Joinery Awards 2002 for its work on the Courthouse in Sligo and this project was also awarded the European Nostra Award in the Architectural Heritage category